Privacy Policy

What is personal data?

Personal data is any type of information that identifies or makes identifiable a unique person, that is, the “data subject”. Examples of personal data include name, address, telephone number and biometric data among others.

Who is responsible for processing my personal data?

The entity responsible for processing personal data that may be collected on the website “” is i3S.

What personal data we collect?

This website collects personal data – name, email – through contact forms or services requests (when completed and submitted by the user).
This website also collects general data for analysis through Google Analytics: IP address, Geographic location, Pages Visited, User activity on the page (time per page, downloads made, clicks), how users arrived at the page.

Why do you collect this personal data?

The data collected on this website are intended to enable contact with the user in order to respond to requests about services and activities.

Who will have access to my data?

The i3S employees who manage the immunohub service will have direct access to the data collected in the form. The i3S employees who manage the website and servers may, in certain circumstances, have access to your data indirectly.
i3S will not disclose your personal data to other entities, unless required by law or by the competent authorities.

The data collected in the forms are stored on the i3S servers.
General traffic analysis data is stored by Google Analytics and is therefore subject to its privacy policies.

How long do you keep my data?

Your data will only be kept for the minimum period necessary for the purposes that led to their collection or subsequent processing, after which they will be deleted.

How securely is my data stored?

Any personal data provided in the form on this website will be treated by i3S with the guarantees of security and confidentiality, as required by the Laws that regulate the Protection of Personal Data. In particular, i3S applies appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data made available to us in order to avoid loss of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.

What rights do I have in relation to my data?

As the holder of personal data, you have the right to: request access to additional information regarding the way in which your data is being processed; request the rectification of your data whenever they are out of date or incorrect; request the erasure of your personal data; restrict the processing of your personal data; object to the processing of your personal data (unless the Institution is required by law to keep the data in question); withdraw the consent that had been previously given for a certain processing of personal data (without, however, compromising the lawfulness of any operations carried out with the data up to that moment).

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions regarding the processing of your personal data or if you want to request the exercise of your rights, you can contact our Data Protection Officer/Data Protection Officer using the following email address:

Who can I complain to?

As the data subject, you have the right to file a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission at