About The Project

Platform of excellence and innovation in the field of Immunology.

The central goal of the ImmunoHUB is to develop an international platform of excellence and innovation in the field of Immunology in Porto, Portugal. The project is designed to have an impact on 4 hierarchically structured domains: firstly and foremost, excel Research, and Innovation and Development in the area of Immunology. Secondly, affect local, national and international Academia and Society.

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Our Mission

Our overarching goal is that the scientific, technological and educational impact of the ImmunoHUB action will not only be reflected during the duration of the project, but will enhance the international competitiveness of the institute beyond the end of the project. Furthermore, ImmunoHUB will enhance the attractiveness of Immunology research in the wider region of Porto, Portugal and Europe, contributing to the development of the next generation of Immunologists. This will be achieved by multiple capacity building activities, including improvement of critical mass, available technology and management and administrative skills of IBMC-i3S.


ImmunoHUB's Impact


  • 2-fold increase the number of high impact factor publications
  • 1.5-fold increase in average IF
  • improve critical mass and international research networks
  • 10-20% augment in the sucess rate in competitive funding
  • 2 new Immunology teams

Innovation & Development

  • 1.2-fold augment the participation of IBMC-i3S in health technology-based programs
  • increase by 10% the number of new collaborations and contracts between IMBC-i3S and Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies
  • fill a minimum of one patent



  • publish results using an open acess policy
  • organization of dedicated thematic seminar series in Immunology
  • participating in Public Outreach Events


  • engagement with post-graduation and advanced training
  • establishment of at least one new Widening initiatives with training programs (e.g. MSCA ETN/ITN, Erasmus+, Twinning)
  • mentoring of Post-Doctoral researcher, Master and PhD students

ImmunoHUB's Action Plan

The ImmunoHUB project will position IBMC-i3S as a multidisciplinary centre of excellence at the forefront of biomedical research, effectively potentiating its competitiveness, innovation and educational values in Portugal, Europe and the World.

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Project team, including different work packages

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