Exploring the Future: High School Students visited i3S

To inspire the next generation of researchers, ISSD researchers hosted a group of 28 high school students from Agrupamento de Escolas João da Silva Correia, S. João da Madeira, on a visit to i3S as part of the Educative Program Ciência et al. Guided by enthusiastic researchers, the students embarked on a journey of discovery into i3S, where groundbreaking discoveries and innovative advancements are the order of the day.

The visit’s itinerary was diverse and immersive, providing insights into various aspects of health sciences. From cancer to immunology, each project presented by the ISSD group leader, Pedro Moura-Alves, provided insights into the complex mechanisms underlying human health and disease.

Through an interactive session and engaging discussions, the students learned about the different scientific career paths, the thrill of discovery, and the practical applications of their classroom learning.